Catching Up

The Still Stoked journey has now spanned 20 years. The quiver of boards which started with the 5ft Cruiser and 6ft Landsurfer in 1997, the 44″ Travel Board in 2001 and the 34″ Retro Carve in 2003 saw  major additions in 2013 with the Sidewalk Surfer and the Stinger and again in 2014 with the Hammerhead. Still Stoked is a family thing supported by faithful followers. 2017 was destined to be a special and pivotal year. The Paddle Round The Pier event reinforced our presence, first seen in 1998, with once again excellent board sales. The Still Stoked summer ‘sojourn’ at Hells Mouth, Abersoch, North Wales blew away all records of previous board sale records with a stunning 30 longboards sold, averaging a remarkable one a day until we ran out.

Donny and Katie  have ridden this wave together for a very long time now and every year since he was born Ocean has been a central part of the Hells Mouth Still Stoked scene, so much so that at the age of 9 its in his blood. It was overheard this year in the car park at the Middle, Hells Mouth, that Ocean “is a better salesman than you Donny”, praise indeed for a lad whose skating started at 2 years old and whose surfing old school really started coming together this summer.

And so with this background and we haven’t pushed it, the Still Stoked ethic of Donny Wright is stay small think big, an obvious contradiction in terms. And yet we are still here making 50 boards a year and customs for those who suddenly come out of the blue ergo Fi who we have just recently sent to Sweden a new 5ft cruiser 20 years on from her first cruiser in ’97/’98 when she was one of two girl riders in the Still Stoked team and also a Stinger for her two young children. Second generation Still Stokers, that says it all and along with Tom Wright’s school friend Marc Castillo’s two boys and Ocean we can feel proud of a continuity which started from when most guys and gals in the UK looked at longboard skating as rather weird but slightly wonderful.

Our 20th Anniversary Year is being brought to a close with a very special production. This is the   surf FLYER board   40th Anniversary REISSUE. Follow progress here