Longwave – Surfing the World’s Longest Waves.

In 1955 Colonel ‘Mad’ Jack Churchill surfed a wave for 1.5 miles, in 1965 Rodney Sumpter surfed the same wave for 6 miles. The place, the River Severn – The birthplace of bore surfing. A sport that is now spreading across the rivers of the world.
A film about surfing the world’s longest rideable waves from the Severn bore to the Amazon Pororoca – the places, the pioneers, the world’s longest waves. This is the untold story……

With extra features including:
The making of Longwave, Sabrina’s Legacy, A guide to the Tidal Bores of the World, Chronology 1955- 2005, Out takes and Director’s and Boreriders Commentary.

Running time approximately 75 minutes
A Donny Wright Film

Copyright 2005 Donny Wright