Still Stoked Landsurfer

The landsurfer was designed in 1997 and launched the next Spring. It is a unique longboard skate which can be ridden like a longboard on the waves. It has excellent stability and just the right amount of flex to allow maximum manouverability.

The Still Stoked Landsurfer just blew me away! More like surfing than any other skate I have ever tried!Chris ‘Guts’ Griffiths, European Pro Longboard Champion 1998

Please note that only the 15mm TB60,  18mm 5ft Cruiser and 18mm Sidewalk Surfer of our boards are suitable to withstand the latest tricks involving jumping onto or off skateboards.  If you wish to do such tricks then please find a board designed for that.  Our boards are designed for surfing moves, cruising, carving, hanging 10, switchstance and spinners.  We can not refund or replace any board which has been mis used.