The Stinger

At 31.5″ this is a mini longboard fish cruiser designed in 2013 for fun, performance and above all a stable and safe platform for entry level at all ages.  A great responsive board for street, proms and sidewalk which is equally at home in skate parks. Fast and carvey in two models called “small kids” Stinger for under 10s and “big kids” Stinger for over 10s to end of life. The Big Kids model come with great original graphics from Still Stoked’s 2013 collaboration with artist Darrell Thorpe, aka Daz of Happy Ghetto.

The “small kids” Stinger is set up to go at an economical price to attract and the “big kids” Stinger is  set up and priced to ride, switch an slide for more demanding riders whilst also satisfying riders at the top end of skill sets.

Two models and two standard set ups, but if you want a custom we will do our best to do a deck top designs to suit your desires. Check out the photo album for some inspiration