Still Stoked started making longboard skates pretty much before anyone had seen them in the UK. That was in 1997. Donny Wright, having seen what the Californian surfers were doing, had started shaping some longboard skates in 1995 in an attempt to improve his longboard surfing skills. The results were dynamic and Donny was totally hooked.Tom Wright produced Still Stoked Longboard Skates the first UK website for longboard skating as well as the Bore Riders, the first ever surfing website for the bore riders of the river Severn. Danny Cartwright coined the name Still Stoked after a memorable December day in 1997 when the three skated 5ft and 6ft longboards down Oliver’s Mount near Scarborough, finished off by a freezing 10 minute surf in South Bay. The skateboarding kept us stoked. Call it Still Stoked said Danny in the van after trying to get warm around the woodburner. That was it really – the start of Still Stoked Longboards. 24 Years later Donny is still riding the black stuff and making his classic boards and retros from his 25 year quiver of designs.

Until the fateful Spring of 2020 Donny has been seen showcasing and selling his boards at Brighton Paddle Round the Pier Festival every year, apart from a couple,since 1996 and since 2004 Donny, Katie and Ocean have set up shop at Hells Mouth beach for the summer holidays.

All prices illustrated are Direct from Factory (website) and/or at the Beach. Still Stoked does not sell through shops in the retail market. For an approximate retail value of any complete boards add 50%. ENQUIRIES